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Curriculum Intent

Confidence – Independence – Empowerment – Wellbeing – Achievement

Brown’s School provides a differentiated curriculum combined with a specialist teaching approach. We have an integrated therapy model, made up of on-site Speech & Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Clinical Psychology, as well as Literacy and Numeracy Intervention. The golden thread provides key values that the curriculum is developed around in order to create a holistic education offer which caters to both the academic and the social and emotional needs of our students.


Students arrive at Brown’s with a variety of experiences in education. A broad, balanced, and differentiated curriculum strives to allow students to build their confidence in education and provide positive learning environments. The curriculum should be accessible to all students and provide opportunities to progress as learners and young people. Additional responsibilities such as peer mentoring, school council, and the eco schools committee aim to cultivate reciprocal communication and leadership skills which can help develop confident learners and individuals.


The Brown’s curriculum aims to prepare our students for adulthood by promoting independence and functional skills throughout the timetable. Fundamental skills for independent living are incorporated into the academic curriculum as well as being supported by weekly social skills lessons and daily occupational therapy sessions for all students.


We aim to enable all students to think critically, develop intellectual curiosity, and make positive life choices to support their ambitions in school and in later life. Students are supported on their journey to develop their understanding of who they are and who they choose to be.


Students perform best when they feel happy and safe. Brown’s endeavours to provide a nurturing educational setting which allows students to thrive regardless of background, previous experiences in education, or individual challenges. Safeguarding underpins everyday work, and we support students through the use of the Trusted Adult Programme, the Safeguarding Team, and Therapy Department. Themed events such as Safer Internet Day or Anti Bullying Week are incorporated into the learning schedule to promote awareness and ensure understanding. Physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing is consistently promoted through the timetable. The Healthy Living Enrichment programme is a weekly timetabled lesson that aims to nurture and improve the physical and mental wellbeing of students, as well as provide them with the strategies and knowledge to live an active and healthy lifestyle. Students have a different activity each week to develop every element of their physical and mental wellbeing. Activities include:

  • Walking groups x2 – one local walk and one accessed via minibus (Bluebell Wood, High Elms, Lullingstone Country Park)
  • Gardening
  • Healthy Eating
  • Sport Practical x 2
  • Lifestyle Choices
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing


Achievement can be measured in many different ways. Student achievements are personal to the individual and are celebrated whether they are academic, sporting, therapeutic, or otherwise. Regularly attending school or engaging in certain subjects are real challenges that our students may face but the holistic development approach of the school has allowed students to achieve and progress according to their profile. Achievement can be measured using personalised targets from the Preparing for Adulthood Framework, Education Health and Care Plans, and individual subject specific objectives. Internal individual or team awards such as Brown’s Bonuses, Student of the Week, and House competitions promote confidence and act as a motivator for students to pursue further achievement. The school’s measure of achievement is if we have best prepared an individual for life after Brown’s. We strive to help students gain as many qualifications as possible, ranging from Entry Level and Functional Skills qualifications through to GCSEs. However, ‘achievement’ is not limited to academics. The curriculum integrates daily Occupational Therapy as well as weekly Social Skills and Healthy Living Enrichment lessons for all students to allow for all-round development.

Success Criteria

We will regularly review the success of our curriculum model using the following measures:

  • Levels of engagement with curriculum areas.
  • Positive attitudes to learning.
  • Attendance data.
  • Assessment and progress data.
  • Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire Data.

See a downloadable copy of our curriculum intent here