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Welcome to one of the original dyslexia specialist schools, initially established in 1997 to provide for primary school age pupils with dyslexia. Brown’s school was founded by Mr. Martin Brown. Brown’s is a day, specialist independent school and is situated in Chelsfield in the Kent countryside. In recent years the school has admitted pupils with a wider range of needs and in July 2011 the DfE granted official permission for Brown’s to educate pupils through to 16 years. A Material Change application to educate pupils through to 18 years of age was agreed by the Department of Education in March 2018; it was also agreed that Brown’s School could increase the number of pupils on roll to 70.

The decision to establish a Senior School and Sixth Form at Brown’s has been an exciting development. It has enabled Brown’s to remain in the forefront of specialist education in this region, through the provision of a broad and vibrant education, leading to GCSEs and/or vocational qualifications, tailored to the individual needs of each pupil. Successful progress and achievement at Brown’s calls for confidence building, allied with a carefully structured curriculum to motivate every child’s reasoning and creative abilities.

Brown’s School helps young people whose education has been adversely affected by Specific Learning Difficulties, namely dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, or speech and language difficulties; Autistic Spectrum Disorder; Asperger syndrome; Auditory Processing Disorder; Verbal Dyspraxia; and ADD/ADHD.

Whether you are an independent fee payer or being supported by your local authority, we currently have placements from Bromley, Kent, Bexley, Sutton, West Sussex, Surrey, Southwark and Croydon – your child will be taught by experienced qualified teaching and support staff : pupil ratio 1-4 and therapeutic staff (speech & language therapy, occupational therapy and clinical psychology) pupil ratio 1-1, 1-2 or small groups.

Our website is laden with information and regularly updated, so we hope you will find everything you need to know.

We now look forward to another year, we are thrilled to report record pupil numbers, resulting in the recruitment of extra staff, a broader curriculum and the creation of a very well resourced school.

Elaine Lovett

Head Teacher

Our son has regained his confidence at Brown's and benefits from the small classes and the informal atmosphere that the school provides.

Mrs. A. W Mother of year 5 student