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Our school uniform is designed to be inclusive and promote equality amongst all students. Our aim is for all students to have the same access to uniform and have pride in their appearance as part of the school community.

Our uniform is adaptable due to the potential sensory needs of the students but we feel it is important for the flexibility to remain within the parameters of the school’s appearance framework. Any adaptation requests must be made in writing to the Headteacher.

We hope that high expectations around uniform and how to present oneself formally will support preparation for adulthood targets and empower students to raise expectations of themselves.

We request that no items of the school uniform are branded items or display brand logos or slogans. School badges, ties, and hoodies can be purchased from the main office. Other items of the main uniform are not tied to an agreed supplier. Most of the school uniform items can be bought cheaply in local stores but we do have some pre-owned items. Our PE kit is supplied by Macron. Please contact the main office to purchase additional items.

Uniform Policy