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Welcome to one of the original dyslexia specialist schools, initially established in 1997 to provide for primary school age pupils with dyslexia. Brown’s school was founded by Mr. Martin Brown.

Brown’s is a specialist independent day school and is situated in Chelsfield in the Kent countryside. The school is registered with the DfE to provide up to 90 places for boys and girls, aged from 9 to 18 years, from a wide range of neighbouring local authorities. Brown’s School helps young people whose education has been adversely affected by Specific Learning Difficulties, namely dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, or speech and language difficulties; Autistic Spectrum Disorder; Asperger syndrome; Auditory Processing Disorder; Verbal Dyspraxia; and ADD/ADHD.

At Brown’s we aim to guide and support students on their academic journey and empower them to reach their potential. With small classes and a strong staff : pupil ratio, lessons are tailored to meet the individual needs of every student.

We are fortunate to have passionate, committed staff that work closely with our students to support their needs but also to help develop well-rounded, virtuous young people. Students are supported by a variety of specialist staff including teachers, learning support assistants, literacy and maths intervention specialists, speech & language and occupational therapists, clinical psychologists, and our pastoral team. The school works tirelessly to install and cultivate a culture of achievement and positive self-esteem. Brown’s endeavours to create a strong sense of community in which pupils want to participate, developing responsibility, tolerance, and respect for others. The school is also highly invested in the improvement of physical and mental wellbeing.

Brown’s strives to create a positive, safe learning environment for staff and students alike, allowing them to feel valued and giving them the opportunities to develop, succeed, and reach their fullest potential.

Our website gives you an insight to what our school can offer but to have a better understanding I would encourage you to visit us in person or speak to a member of our team. We are keen to continue to work closely in partnership with both parents and fellow professionals to build a trusting relationship and provide a consistent approach to supporting each child’s development and welfare.

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What our parents think
My daughter hated school before coming to Brown's. Now she hates school holidays!Mother of Year 8 Student
Having made the difficult decision whether to send my son to mainstream secondary school or specialist provision, I have no regrets whatsoever that Browns has been the best place for him. My son is now coming to the end of year 11 having been in the school for five years. I cannot think of another school that would have been able to meet his (quite complex) needs. The school has helped us with applying to the local authority for support and are now helping us with the move to college. My son has a ‘trusted adult’ he can go to each day, and he also receives a lot of support throughout the day. As the school is quite small, all the staff are well aware of my sons needs and can support him. I know I can contact the school anytime and they will do their best to help. The teachers have all been very supportive and encouraging to my son.Mother of Year 11 Student
Brown’s School is a truly unique specialist provision set in beautiful Kent countryside, and boasting a team with a real array of expertise. What set it aside from the other schools we visited was the immediate sense of being made to feel so welcome. The students are so clearly settled, happy and feel 'at home' in the environment, which as we all know is the most essential foundation for learning. My son has struggled hugely with school-based trauma (as is often the case for child with additional needs) so transition was never going to be easy. However, Brown’s have been amazingly supportive in their flexible and warm approach. The varied curriculum has certainly contributed to him wanting to come to school; lessons such as Gardening, D.T and ‘Healthy Living Enrichment’ have helped my son to engage with his learning and come out smiling at the end of the day. That says it all, there is no better or more sincere testimonial than the smile of a child!Mother of Year 8 Student
My Daughter joined Browns in year 3, her self-esteem was very low and she had been finding it difficult in mainstream primary school. She asked me to find her somewhere that understood her! Almost four years on ‘L’ is flourishing, she is happy, she has friends, learning is differentiated and fun! She is 100% Understood and, in a school, where differences are celebrated. Thank you Brown’s ‘L’ has found her place ❤️Mother of Year 8 Student