Our aim is to provide a worthwhile program of lessons and activities which will alleviate literacy and numeracy difficulties. The promotion of enquiring minds and an eagerness to be involved in the world around them ensures that all our pupils are given the opportunity to develop successful learning strategies. Acquiring essential skills to last for a lifetime is what an education at Brown’s is about. To succeed in this important task we have a close working partnership between child and teacher.

Brown’s has been established in response to the demand for special educational help in south-east London and Kent. Children who have written or spoken language problems frequently experience frustration within large classes at maintained junior schools or within the competitive environment of selective independent schools.

Precious time can be wasted if the appropriate remediation is unavailable. Young boys and girls can become dispirited, or even disruptive, if they are not receiving the correct guidance. Brown’s can give essential educational support for these children as well as offering relevant advice to parents. Speech and Language and Occupational Therapists provide specialist input throughout the working week. Clinical Psychologists are available for counselling, assessment and consultation.