My son joined Browns having had bad experiences

August 22, 2014

My son joined Browns having had bad experiences at his previous school to the point he was very untrusting of teachers and had a belief he was a bad person because of his difficulties to which he took the diagnosis of ASD and ADHD badly. At the time of joining Browns he had a very low self esteem.

My son is now the first to say that Browns is the best school he has ever been to and in his words “They understand me there”

I now have a son that is happy to go to school and trusts the staff enough to talk through any worries he is having rather than fret and worry or lash out. He still has his difficulties but he is now more accepting of these and the school has highlighted to him the things he’s good at and greatly supports the areas he needs more support in.

Communication between the parent and staff is key to knowing and understanding what’s going on. I feel that at Browns they are very keen to achieve a good relationship between parent and child and work as a team inclusive of parents in achieving the best for your child.

During my sons time at Browns he has made mistakes mainly due to his unique perception of the world around him but the school has always been supportive and devised strategies using their resources to develop his skills in understanding people and learning how best to respond when feeling challenged by others. He is now starting to gain trust in others.