Brown’s Newsletter January 2017



10th January 2017


Dear Parents/ Carers,

We are pleased to report that pupils have returned to school full of enthusiasm for the new term, however, unfortunately a few have succumbed to the Winter Cold Virus, we wish them a speedy recovery.

Here are a few notices for your information:

Target Setting: Pupils set their targets for the new term on Wednesday 4th January. If parents/guardians would like to receive a copy of these targets please contact the School Office via email ([email protected]) or by phone. The targets will be typed and available to be sent out by the end of this week.

Parents Mornings: Senior School Parents Morning will also take place on Thursday 2nd February from 9.00am to 12.30pm. If you will be attending Parents Morning please inform the school office via email or text message and we will issue an appointment sheet to your child.

Mrs Trounson has emailed Junior parents separately about their Parents Morning on Tuesday 7th February.

Swimming: The Juniors will be swimming this half term, at the Walnuts Leisure Centre, every Wednesday. If your child is unable to go swimming staff will require a written explanation.

Safer Internet Day 7th February: As in previous years, there will be a range of activities organised on 7th February to support this very important initiative. In school we regularly remind our pupils about keeping safe online and about the dangers of Social Media.

As the Juniors will be on a trip on 7th February, they will have a programme of activities arranged for Wednesday 8th February.

Spring Term Subject Topics: Topic information for every tutor group will be circulated to parents next week.

Mock Exams: Our Senior pupils will be taking part in a number of mock exams over the next few weeks under strict examination conditions. Exams take place in the gym therefore, this may mean slight changes to the timetable. Notices are displayed when exams are taking place and we ask that parents are mindful of this when visiting school.

Peer Mentoring: The new mentors will continue working with their mentees.

School Council: Mr Ponulak will continue to meet with the School Council representatives on a regular basis.

Home Reading: All pupils should have a home reading record book. We ask that you encourage your child to read regularly at home during the week and make a note of this in the reading record book.

Charities: We would like to thank all the parents/guardians that donated gifts for the Rotary Club Shoebox Scheme. We are proud to say we donated 65 shoeboxes to this very worthwhile cause.

We also raised £70.38 for Slippers for Shelter before Christmas. We have some amazing photos taken for both of these initiatives, please take time to view these in the photo albums kept in the office area when you visit school.

We continue to support a local Homeless charity by baking cakes/biscuits on a weekly basis. We also bake for a charity that organises celebration cakes for families on low incomes. These worthwhile charities support our local community and we will be looking for other local causes to support in the future.

Mr Ponulak would like to thank all the parents that made donations of warm clothing during the Christmas break. All donations were gratefully received by the Homeless Shelter.

Authors and Articles: One of our parents, Mrs Rathour, has written a book ‘Leading Ladies’, sharing inspirational stories of 32 women who made courageous decisions to change their lives. It includes a chapter on Anna Kennedy, OBE, well known for setting up schools and provision for young people with Autism. Please contact the school via email if you are interested in purchasing a copy of this amazing book.

Our Occupational Therapist, Aditi Srivastava, has had an article published by Autism Parenting Magazine entitled ‘Simple Ways to Help Your Child with ASD Sleep without Medicine’, this can be accessed via the following link:

Health and Safety: Please ensure that your child does not bring deodorants or any aerosols into school as these can be a serious health and safety hazard.

PE Kits: A reminder from Mr Bushnell and Mr Jones that all pupils need to have a PE kit in school. If your child is unable to take part in PE staff need to be provided with a written explanation.

Absences: If your child is unwell or unable to come to school for any reason please contact the school before 10am either via phone, text message or email. If we do not receive any communications regarding an absence, it will be recorded as unauthorised. Please provide a written explanation for the absence when your child returns to school.

Medication: If your child has had a change in their medication please inform the school in writing.

Adverse Weather Conditions: In the event that we may have to close the school due to challenging weather, we will notify parents by texts, phone calls and emails. Please update the School Office if you have changed any of your contact details.

Diary Dates:

  • 2nd February – Senior Parents Morning
  • 7th February – Junior Parents Morning/Juniors trip to WWII Experience
  • 7th February – Safer Internet Day (Seniors)
  • 8th February – Safer Internet Day (Juniors)
  • Half Term Week Monday 13th – Friday 17th February
  • 31st March, last day of Spring Term, school day finishes at 1pm (Staff training week beginning 3rd April – 7th April)