Our son has regained his confidence at Brown's and benefits from the small classes and the informal atmosphere that the school provides. Teachers and support staff understand our child's needs and we value the good communication between school and home.

Mrs. A. W Mother of year 5 student August 22, 2014

Our son has been to a few different schools due to his condition, but since being at Browns, which we knew was right for him as soon as we walked in, he has changed in so many ways for the better, and learnt so much, his confidence has come back, and for the first time actually enjoys going to school.
It's so nice not worrying about him while he is at school.
We could not praise Browns and all the teachers enough.

Mr. & Mrs. J Parents of year 7 student August 22, 2014

The school is great they have helped me a lot, I've made new friends because in my other school I didn't get any and the teachers are very funny and well trained. Everyone is very kind when it comes to kids being welcomed.

K.A. Year 7 student August 22, 2014

I will always be eternally grateful to Browns School for giving my son the confidence that will enable him to become independent. Browns offers a small, caring, professional environment where the focus is on developing individual strengths and accepting each other’s differences and shortcomings. It has a family atmosphere encouraged by dedicated, enthusiastic staff that has always made the well being of each child their main priority.
I wish every child who has been fortunate to find Browns will have the happy memories of their school years as we have.

Ms Y.W. Mother of year 10 student August 22, 2014

Before our son started Browns he'd had very negative educational experiences and did not like school. Almost immediately he settled in and now 2 years later is very confident and emotionally secure in the school environment - consequently he is starting to progress in his educational achievements. Most importantly he loves school and is always happy to go - he is 12 years old and is enjoying and achieving his education and his self esteem has grown enormously. The staff are all great and well trained in how to manage and effectively support children that may have difficulty in accessing a regular mainstream curriculum. A major bonus is the Occupational and Speech Therapy provision which allows expert advice into the curriculum and regular group sessions and one to one provision where needed.

Mrs. B.N. Mother of year 7 student August 22, 2014

My son joined Browns having had bad experiences at his previous school to the point he was very untrusting of teachers and had a belief he was a bad person because of his difficulties to which he took the diagnosis of ASD and ADHD badly. At the time of joining Browns he had a very low self esteem.

My son is now the first to say that Browns is the best school he has ever been to and in his words "They understand me there"

I now have a son that is happy to go to school and trusts the staff enough to talk through any worries he is having rather than fret and worry or lash out. He still has his difficulties but he is now more accepting of these and the school has highlighted to him the things he's good at and greatly supports the areas he needs more support in.

Communication between the parent and staff is key to knowing and understanding what's going on. I feel that at Browns they are very keen to achieve a good relationship between parent and child and work as a team inclusive of parents in achieving the best for your child.

During my sons time at Browns he has made mistakes mainly due to his unique perception of the world around him but the school has always been supportive and devised strategies using their resources to develop his skills in understanding people and learning how best to respond when feeling challenged by others. He is now starting to gain trust in others.

Mrs. C.B Mother of year 7 August 22, 2014

We are really pleased with the academic progress our son S has made this year. He has gone from National Curriculum Level 3c to NC 5b in his reading. His Maths progress has not been as good but we are happy with the recent Dyscalculia Assessment done by Ms Laura Bebbington (tutor at Brown’s) and as a result he will have 1-1 maths tuition with Ms Bebbington to support his learning.

Mrs. M. P. Mother of year 8 student August 22, 2014

We'll always be grateful to Brown's for being there when we needed it and for helping to restore a lot of R's lost confidence (an ongoing task) and for helping him to cope with his dyslexia and associated difficulties. We know that he's very fond of a lot of the staff, and though he wants to be moving on he'll be sorry to leave those relationships behind.

Mr. W. M.J. Father of year 10 student August 22, 2014

The first time we visited Brown's, both my husband and I, and most importantly our daughter liked Browns.

She enjoyed her trial days and this cemented our belief that we had made the correct choice for our daughter.

Mrs. Mitchell, who we first met was absolutely lovely, and put us all at ease. She was very helpful. Our daughter took an instant liking to Mrs. Mitchell and always seeks her out, and confides in her if she has any problems.

Likewise our daughter has her favourite teachers including Mr. Bushell her PE teacher and Clare her Form Tutor who she has a wonderful rapport with.

All the teachers we have encountered at Browns are lovely and, 'are worth every ounce in gold' for their patience and dedication to teaching the students.

Ms J. J. Mother of year 9 student August 22, 2014

Hello Mrs. Mitchell,

Thought you might like a bit of feedback from A (in confidence as he might get embarrassed!!)

At story time tonight there was a description of a teacher in the story we were reading, I asked A to describe one of the teachers and he chose to talk about Mrs. Mitchell.

He said you are ‘liquid, shiny and golden in the sunlight, just wonderful, really’.

Thought you might like to know that.

Mrs. E. W. Mother of year 4 student August 22, 2014

Dear Ms Lovett,

I am so happy N had a great time with Challenger Troop. I didn’t speak to him until today as he was fast asleep already when I got home and he slept from 7pm to 7am… completely unheard of in this house! He is very much looking forward to helping the others and he kept talking about ‘his team’. It’s a very clever way of improving his communication and people skills.

Its great to see him so happy and keen to get to school. Compared to September you’ve completely turned him around. Thank you for investing so much time and energy into him.

Mrs. C. B Mother of year 7 student August 22, 2014

Over £300 raised, WOW!
Thanks to all the staff, parents and children of Brown’s School for supporting my wonderful and amazing daughter S in her Fund Raising Activities For Cancer Research UK. We are so proud of her. She had the idea and initiative but without the agreement of the school and the parent/guardian/carer support and the support of your children, participating and giving their support, it would not have taken place.
You made it happen! S and her family appreciate all your encouragement and support.

Mrs. F. A. Mother of year 10 student August 22, 2014