Here’s what OFSTED had to say about our spiritual, moral, social and cultural development at Brown’s School in our latest inspection from June 2012:
‘The spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils is good and this includes their behaviour’.

We aim to deliver an education that provides students with opportunities to explore and develop their own values and beliefs, spiritual awareness, high standards of personal behaviour, and a positive, caring attitude towards others.

At Brown’s School the development of SMSC will take place across the curriculum in all subject areas, as well as in assemblies and in themed school Community Days. The delivery will encourage our students to recognise individual difference in all areas of life and to value personal differences. Encouragement will be given to recognise spiritual and cultural dimensions to their learning, reflect upon the significance of the learning taking place and to recognise any challenges that they may encounter regarding their own attitudes and lifestyle. Each week students will be encouraged during lesson time to think about the factors that effect their lives, the lives of others and about the decisions they make that may have an impact on themselves and fellow citizens.

Throughout our curriculum at Brown’s we promote the fundamental British Values of:

– Democracy – Pupils elect their class representatives for the School Council; representatives are consulted on a range of issues effecting their community. Brown’s ‘General Election’ gave pupils a taste of taking part in the voting process and respecting the value of their vote.

– The Rule of Law – Pupils encounter the importance of ‘Laws’ throughout their school day, through explicit teaching in lessons or assemblies, classroom rules and school rules.

– Individual liberty – Pupils are encouraged to make the right choices in the safe and secure school environment. They are empowered to develop their self-esteem and take responsibility for their actions in Social Skills lessons, assemblies and themed activity days such as ‘Safer Internet Day’. The School has an Acceptable Use Policy for Safer Internet Use which pupils are encouraged to follow at all times.

– Mutual respect – The core values of respect are promoted in the School’s Behaviour Policy, Brown’s School Charter and the School Rules.

– Tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs – Teaching our pupils about diversity and different cultures in lessons and assemblies. Explicit teaching of tolerance is delivered to individuals by the Pastoral Care team and Therapists. Timetabled Social Skills lessons for all classes also addresses the issue of tolerance.

We adhere to the importance of British Values and encourage children and young people to debate controversial issues. However, all staff have been trained to evaluate the distinction between moderate and extremist behaviour through WRAP training.