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Polo shirt, literally translated as polo shirt, cheap ralph lauren also known as tennis shirt, golf shirt, it is a short-sleeved pullover, open neck with placket with buttons, texture is generally 100% cotton, the fabric is a network , plain weave, such as knitting patterns.
Polo Shirts indeed originated in the noble sport, but it is not like it's something to confront the meaning of the general relationship with the Polo, Polo shirts are the true origins of tennis, originally from won seven Grand Slam singles titles and three doubles champion in the NIE? pull Kou Manchester, Lacoste has launched its own brand, in order to facilitate continued playing tennis upper body twisted bodice design headlong into the pants without the premise made after long and short in front, and There are a small fraction of the side openings hem. Such hem design allows the wearer to sit down, they can avoid the general T-shirt wrinkled due to too long ago put together a case. Later, Polo Ralph Lauren launched by the popular styles become fixed fan, and has since extended to this paragraph polo clothing, golf and other sports sector as well as casual wear areas, hence the name Polo Shirts.
Men's Polo Shirts invasion wardrobe
Polo shirt can become a classic casual wear historical legend, and in the men's wardrobe has enjoyed a high market share, Ralph Lauren is absolutely denied, he insists it is in the American spirit, will bring classic and elegant style design, so simple, real wear and easy to become a man Polo shirt with essential classic. Polo Shirts avoiding collarless T-shirt too casual, but also overcome the stiff shirt serious, especially suitable for business and leisure occasions, and this is the reason it stands out. Although the style is relatively simple, but the variety of color choices, comfortable, breathable texture, coupled with the casual sense, plastic on a Polo shirt in the fashion arena enduring.
Today, in many fashion brand launch next, Polo shirts Slim design and increasingly diverse, some exaggerated pattern, color stitching, a narrow collar design elements are coming more and more into, with also more free-wheeling, you can put it together with dress trousers, also with narrow-leg jeans,cheap ralph lauren polo shirts light-colored trousers mix together, or you can put Polo Shirts and shirt or T-shirt to wear stacked.
Polo shirt how to wear?
1. Polo shirt worn most common is the direct personal wear,cheap ralph lauren polo or you can wear a white T-shirt which to base, in addition to increasing layering, but looks more fresh and clean.
(2) Unless more formal occasions, it is not advisable to Polo shirt buttons are labeled. Of course, if you want to deliberately create Geek feeling, Well, then, the more tightly the better buckle clasp please.
3 Do not know when to begin, men like to stand up collar Polo shirt, personally do not think this is fashionable, and, if present in the room or more formal occasions, this dress is even more desirable.
4 Select light-colored Polo shirt will make you look more energetic the whole person, and deliberately wore oversize models with stovepipe pants, or a smaller size style with slacks, can create a different fashion sense....
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